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Saddle Brook Soccer Association recognizes the parent's role as an integral part of the player’s support team.

It is important that our parents observe the guidelines established by the club.

Parents should:

• Encourage and support the child’s experience and play on the field
• Encourage good sportsmanship and self-discipline through example
• Support the coach, manager, and the team
• Respect officials and accept their decisions
• Comply with rules, policies, and procedures of the team and the club


Any matter regarding players should be discussed only with the coach and only at a time mutually agreed by the coach.

Never on game day or in the middle of a practice session. Discuss any and all unresolved issues with the Club Director

Parents will never:

• Engage a game official directly
• Engage in a controversial way coaches, managers, players, parents, or any official of any team
• Coach from the sidelines

• Engage the other team supporters in a hostile way
• Disrespect opposing team players
• Interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or manager


I understand : 

  • If a parent is ejected from a game, the Saddle Brook Soccer Association Board of Directors will issue a warning to theparent, and the Board of Directors has the power to suspend the player from further games.

  • If a parent is ejected a second time during that season, the Saddle Brook Soccer Association Board of Directors will issue a warning to the parent, but the Board will consider that this is the second offense and will, in all likelihood, issue a muchharsher ruling depending on the specific circumstances of the ejection.

  • The player and/or his/her parent(s) will be responsible for any league fines issued against the parent/player.

  • No player will be granted a friendly release from a team to join another team, once the player’s team has been registered for the season. In most cases this will be from the early registration date established by Northern Counties each season.

  • If a team forfeits a game due to a lack of players in attendance, the players who did not attend the game will be responsible for the$250 League Fine. The fine will be divided equally among those players that did not attend. The fine must be paid prior to thenext game.

Parent Code Of Conduct and Expectations

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