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Field Rules and Regulations

Saddle Brook Soccer Association to assure the safety of the players and provide its coaches with the proper enviroment to perform their duties expects everyone to follow the following:

  1. Only the member of Saddle Brook Falcons Soccer and the team scheduled to practice or play are allowed to be on the field during a practice or game

  2. Spectator are expected to assist Games and Practice from the bleachers, by the concessions stand and behind the fence surrounding Veterans Field

  3. Players are expected to wait for their coaches outside the filed before walking into the field

  4. No Bikes or other objects not pertinent to the activity developing on the fiel are allowed 

  5. Groups must use fields that they are assigned. Do not just hop onto an open field

  6. All equipment must be moved to the side of all fields at the end of each activity

  7. Do Not block the defribillator located by the booth

  8. In the event the alarm of the lighting monitoring system goes off, evacuete the field immediately and wait for the light to be completly off and 30 minutes from the last thunder  

I understand not complying with these rules may result in :

• A verbal warning from Saddle Brook Soccer Association official
• Required to meet with a Saddle Brook Soccer Association official
• Required to pay any fines levied by Northern Counties associated with my conduct
• Obliged to leave the venue
• Required by Saddle Brook Soccer Association not to attend future games or practices 

• Required to leave Saddle Brook Soccer Association along with any dependents 

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